Monday, December 30, 2013

thank you 2013

This year I drove around a volcanic island on the other side of the world, lost sleep and my patience, felt incapable, felt like I had it all, swam in an abandoned hot pool surrounded by snowy mountains, bought a house in the country, overcame my fear of driving, juggled being a full time Mama and working full time, didn't see any amazing movies, helped my son take his first steps, watched Gypsies walk their statue of saint Sarah into the sea, cried into the saucepan when Jason Molina died, didn't get used to starting the day at 6am, kissed my husband many times, made time for new friends and ate the pizza to end all pizzas in Italy. I hate to leave 2013 but 2014 is already extending her tantalising arms. I think this is going to be good.

 Thank you all so much for coming along for the ride