Thursday, October 29, 2009

endings always smell burnt

I’ve been with many a show
pony who could always pull
a trick, it took but a flick
of the wrist for hearts
to splinter
and arteries to twist.
and well lodged stones
kept my insides company
and though the world was
sometimes a hush
sometimes a scream,
my ears could never quite adjust,
spinning this way and that.
I didn’t even dare to dream
of a coloured wall home,
you and all the epic melodies you bring.
And whilst it is all wonderful and all
that the stupendous greatness
blows my mind
it really is a cool bullet waiting.
Disturbingly smiling
Resting at my temple.
With dead certainty.
If I ever lost you
That’d really pull the trigger

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last night we slept uneasy.
We were both being chased.
I saw humans with blurred faces
they crept into the house and moved slowly.
Yours wore dark sunglasses
and jogged with headphones.
My hand found yours under the blanket.
Your feet curled around mine
and by the morning
your cheek was pressed against my nose
and I couldn't see past your beloved face
to my demons anymore.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

you know, when you go crazy with small

it’s a secret you see,
that my jealousy
isn’t as plain as a Jane
she’s a much spindlier kind
that forces my hand to feed her
she’s not really envy either
though those dark green colours
do suit her
it’s that I strive to be
something grander
and on some of these days
through some of the ways,
spiral down my own stairwell
when I search for better
place you up high
and pour myself bitter
it’s more a self hate I guess
but you’d think so much less
of my cool armor
that I polish and shine
for you to see your reflection
a tortoise who’s shell
(but please do not tell)
is actually a darkly hopeless collection

Monday, October 5, 2009

I might be missing home a little
or an open road
or healthy earth
and its rich songs
or maybe just the fresh air
and to breathe it in isolation