Sunday, July 25, 2010

holding up the fort, one card at a time

It's all been very helter skelter lately and the winds have been blowing urgently through my little house of cards.
It's mostly all been very wonderful news.
I've had a very lucky run. First I won the Olympus Testdrive Challenge, then I found out I've been accepted for the Art of Photography show in San Diego. There were 13,692 entries from 67 countries, and 113 pieces were picked by Natasha Egan to be exhibited in the show, so I feel pretty chuffed. And this weekend I found out that I won the 'highly commended' award, judged by Karen Woodbury from Woodbury gallery at this years 'Picture This' for 'a dissection of personal treasures'. 

I had a look at the exhibition last week and was blown away once again by the entries.

Though I haven't been able to squeeze in any time for my own photography projects (and plans I do have) , I've been able to find moments to keep contributing to the Ghostlight project 

I'm also getting married in two weeks time to the most wonderful man and I feel almost breathless with the stress it is causing. Good stress, but frantic stress nonetheless. It will be a low key affair and I'm VERY much looking forward to it. It falls in with all my other favourite things that happen in August. Rununculus, Rain and Blood Oranges. 
I hope you find your little piece of heaven next month too.
Until soon, much love