Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think I found the most beautiful place on earth.
A place where loneliness is warm, the wind cool, the sheep everywhere and you nowhere you’d rather be.
A sandstone house hidden by spikey sand dunes and spindly burnt trees. And mountains of stories brought in by the waves on a forever beach.


Michael Alesich said...

Um, Wow

I'm just going to go with wow as my comment for now.

But love the third(I think) shot of hair, the fourth of the curtains and the shots of the boy are just amazing.

Yep, wow.

Jessica Tremp said...

thank you darlin'

Lisa said...

each image is breathtaking...I'm totally in awe of you..


Jessica Tremp said...

thank you sweetheart x

macrostar said...

great works. i love everything.