Thursday, June 19, 2014


ubud bali
2 year old boy
father and son
balinese offerings
moody balinese river


Ash LaRose said...

It's very hard for me to stay impressed with an artists work after discovering them. It's almost a falling out of love because I begin to see the same images over and over again. You though, my dear, continue to astonish me. There's not one post of a portrait, landscape, wedding, personal moment that has not made me feel something. You're unstoppable. You're amazing. You're beautiful. You are a true artist.

Jessica Tremp said...

Ash, that is the kindest compliment I could receive. Thank you so, so much

Lisa Jewell said...

Oh Jess, you’ll return to these photos, time and time again, I know I will. You are chronicling your family, your adventures and your spirit. Love so much X

Ella Ruth said...

These are truly beautiful!