Monday, April 17, 2017

O.K. I must confess, the Getting Ready Ritual of a wedding would have to be one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph. Everything is unrehearsed. Emotions, vibes and nerves run at different heights, whether people are ticking off last errands or settling back with a champagne; cool as cucumbers, listening to some favourite tunes. As the couple of the moment, you're not busily making the rounds, but marinating in the company of your very closest, sometimes even just the two of you alone, ready to elope. As you're in the midst of transforming, taking in a few last big breaths or a quick ham sandwich, I'm free to move around you in my own time. 

As a nod to those beautiful first butterflies, mimosas and moments, I've popped together a handful of favourites from these small hours of such big days here

This is Kristy, feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good about what the day holds