Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ellyse & Adam - a surprise wedding

I loved being a part of this sneaky surprise wedding. Ellyse and Adam, who are off to Hong Kong to live for a year, planned everything so perfectly well, that it went off without a hitch. 
I'm totally sold on Jewish weddings by the way. The dancing is so energetic and fun, you can't help but be swept up in it.
And how beautiful is Ellyse's early 1950's dress find?

Venue: Fitzroy Town Hall
Caterers: Eshel Catering
Gypsy/Balkan/Klezmer Band: Babaganoush


Linda said...

Beautiful photos! They capture the occasion to a 'T' and collaborate the wonderful memories. Love from your aunt, uncle & cousins xx.

Colette said...

Such gorgeous photos! Loving the palpable atmosphere and her dress and how cute they look together :D

Jackie said...

Amazing photos. They are so stylized and beautiful. Jackie