Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1 year with Syd

I can't believe a year has trickled away since we welcomed our little man Syd into the world.
I never thought becoming a Mum would be quite this wonderful. Despite the occasional difficulties, I look forward to seeing his animated face every morning and melt with every hug and smile. It's definitely changed me. I can still tap into the melancholy beauty of all those 20's anxieties and the 'sads' when I need to but it seems so much safer now - like wearing a snorkel in a big black lake - now that someone else's happiness is priority. It's ironic really. I feel I have grown gentler and more confident as a person. I'm incredibly grateful for everything I have; my health, work and most of all my wonderful family and friends who are all honesty and heart and way too good to me. 

Happy Birthday Bean! xo


Ash LaRose said...

He has the cutest little face I think I've ever seen! What a wonderful little collection of images in your first year of motherhood.

Kat said...

mischievous cherub!