Monday, June 27, 2011

something tangible in the mail

I always feel a bit silly giving interviews. My hands become flighty creatures of their own minds and tongue twisted I sit there wondering if the other person is secretly rolling their eyes at my all- of- a- sudden -mispronunciation of words and questionable grammar. It was therefore so wonderful (and I so relieved) when I received the new issue (08) of Fallen Magazine in my sweaty little hands and read the article that just seemed to ‘get me’ and I didn’t need to feel so silly at all anymore.

Then today I picked up a copy of TAKE magazine and thankfully there were no need for words. I was simply floored finding my images sitting humbly next to photographers I absolutely worship. I recommend you pick yourself up a copy. 'Tis one of the most beautiful collections of photography I've seen together in a long time.

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Lisa said...

it is so wonderful to read something about the self that is truly a reflection. you are a star, Jess

mega mushy for you xx