Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gold in Paris

This weekend I received the most wonderful email from Paris. I won Gold in the portraiture section of the PX3 competition 
with my image ‘the hunt’, which will be exhibited at the
Espace Dupon,
74 rue Joseph de Maistre, Paris
from June 29 - July 13, 2011
If you happen to be loitering around Europe’s romantic city and drop in, please do let me know how it all looked.


Steph Tout said...

Oh, holy wowee my love! That's amazing! What happy, happy news. Hugest congratulations for such well-deserved shiny gold. YAHOO! xxoo

Jessica Tremp said...

thanks so much my darling x

Alice Robinson said...

Yippee!! Well deserved. How many happiness glasses of wine does that equal? I hope your celebrations are lovely and grand.

Anonymous said...

I think our night of wine has just been bumped up to Champagne. This image deserves nothing but gold. GOLD! In Paris. So proud. So deserved. Wooo! xox

Ilona Nelson ~ Illy Photography said...

That's amazing! Congratulations :)

Katrina said...

Jessica, what an honour. I knew I had excellent taste!

Jessica Tremp said...

@ Alice - it almost beats pasta

@ lambeatswolf - can I just have double the red?

@Ilona - thank you x

@Katrina - you're so lovely x

Lawrence Oluyede said...

I live in Paris, I can't promise to make it for the opening of the exhibition but I'll definitely stop by and take some pictures for you.


Katie K said...

That's so fantastic Jess! Hugest congratulations!!! xo

Jessica Tremp said...

that'd be amazing Lawrence, thank you :)

thanks Katie x