Saturday, May 29, 2010

pigeons, pm in the am

When one has some time off, it's quite seductive to go to bed at 5pm and get up at 1am. The world is a silent dark when you wake up to a midnight house. One morning just before dawn, I lost sight of our greyhound Soda racing around in the morning mist of an empty footy oval just as the sun started to come up. It was a pinch magical. 


On our way home, we found a dead pigeon. I quickly wrapped him up and took the opportunity for a few pictures.

Tomorrow it's back to the saltmines for this nesty lady. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I would love to comment on the Exposure exhibition-but could you please post a link (sorry, I did google)


Jessica Tremp said...

Hi Richarda,
Thank you...If you click on the words 'profile' or 'vote' in the text, it should bring you there...x

Alexia said...

You know, if you look the second to last photo in this post from a different angle, it looks as though there's a huge, ghostly face on the wall.