Friday, May 21, 2010

May's a pretty lucky month!

Not only did I have the pleasure of a wonderful holiday in Morocco and now a week left to while away at home with a fridge full of fancy cheeses, and other goodies, bottles of duty free, a great book, my gorgeous greyhound Soda, my wonderful man and time to create, I also stumbled in the door to these lovely publishing surprises.
Very excited to have a write up in 
             Swiss Magazine, Kinki

Feature in the 7th issue of L.A.'s 22 zine 

Feature and front page of issue 17 in one of my favourite photography magazines, Ninja


holly said...

holy swizzlesticks and cottontails, heidi. is life feeling GLORIOUS? may, morocco, mikey... and more bits and pieces of the world falling in love with your mind. so they should. your works looks effing brilliant in all three features, little truffle you are. this is ridiculously exciting. i feel like i need a heidi tshirt for england: yes! i am jessica tremp's wall of china.

Jessica Tremp said...

oh darling. You're just too gorgeous for your own good. one of these days a person wrapped in a big ol' coat and a stocking over their head is going to squeeze the living bejezus out of you in the middle of the street