Thursday, November 21, 2013

the goodness bureau

Making the right ethical choice is something that has always been important to me. 
It's why I was the unpopular greeny in my old office job who used to fill the stationery cupboard with notepads made from torn waste paper, 
why I became a vegetarian against my parents' wishes when I was 9 years old and why even though I slip up from time to time, I mostly continue to be. 
It's how Soda, our ex-racing greyhound became adopted by us.
Caring isn't always easy. I have been the uncool person at many a dinner table, being generally unenthused by foie gras and horse racing and I'm the first to admit my many daily defeats.
How wonderful then when someone simplifies the process. 
I was so thrilled when The Goodness Bureau, a one stop online shop, selling ethically sourced goodies asked me to shoot the branding images for their new business. Check 'em out. You might find yourself a great product that doesn't cost the earth.

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Rita Laranja said...

beautifull!! great photos! :))