Tuesday, October 29, 2013


a little something something. a collaboration between my wonderful friend Alex, me and some wild goats

dancer/choreographer extraordinaire - Alexandra Harrison


Lisa said...

Like a spiritual awakening the feeling leaves you in a state of shock. The next day when you review the awakening it is then you can nut out all the nuances. This is how I felt after watching this film (albeit short, it tells a lifelong story). I’m going to keep repeating myself… Jessica you’re a remarkable talent and you’re avant garde. Most of all you are a sensitive soul with an internal divining rod. You discover beauty under the spot most people just walk over. X

Jessica Tremp said...

aw Lisa. You're too lovely for words x

holly said...

I've not been able to get these images or this tune out of my head for the last few days, Jess. The symbiosis of your eye and editing, Alex's exquisite choreography and performance, the stillness of that starkly beautiful landscape, and the music of Oskar Schuster is a music box, and in every way as enchanting and melancholy a story. Ugh. It makes me feel things I can't name. Bravo.