Wednesday, February 6, 2013


lately I have the travel bug so bad, I may as well be lying in bed all fevery, hallucinating of jungle treks, coconut juice and the smell of spices with the soundtrack of African drums ringing in my ears... 

morocco rooftops
nsw south coast photography
morroco donkey photography
chefchaouen travel photography in the meantime until May rolls around, I'll be sifting through old travel photos


Steph Tout said...

Oh, you've fired up my own wanderlust with these beauties! xoxo

Maryanne said...

The ocean shot is wonderful

Lisa said...

full of life and spice, I know the feeling darling Jess...X

lafilledufond said...

I fell on your pics by chance...and Im impressed!
I feel myself sensitive, poetic and strong when Im looking at them. well done!