Monday, June 11, 2012

Paul Ruske

A wintry promo shoot for Melbourne musician Paul Ruske  

essendon reserve
father and son photography shoot melbourne
paul ruske portrait photography
paul ruske


Katie K said...

Wow. These are beautiful. Atmospheric, emotional, just stunning work.

Jessica Tremp said...

Thank you lovely x

Steph Tout said...

I love these so much...the boy's wind blown scarf, the misty countryside, the beautiful autumn tree and those wonderfully intense portraits of wintery melancholy. Magic! Xoxo

Jessica Tremp said...

Thank you Darlingheart x

The limpet said...

Sensitive and moody work with beautiful subtle touches that make these pictures breathe and come alive. Katrina

Nieves Álvarez said...

What an atmosphere! Love them all. Great work, as always :)