Sunday, January 15, 2012

around the house in 80 steps...or...a few of my favourite things...or...'home' by me

I followed this couch on ebay like a crazy person and then promptly missed the auction, but luckily my plea to the seller to think of me in case the sale fell through was successful.

The Pharlap sign Michael found after walking home from a gig one night and the head statue has slightly bung eyes and we think that makes her especially dashing.

The Mexican tin heart we found in New Orleans. It sits perfectly with a print of one of my favourite Frida paintings.
Poor Bertoia wire chair was stalked by me for a month until I layed down the money for it and proudly brought it home.

Soda is our adopted ex-racing greyhound. We originally were just going to foster a greyhound and a week after they dropped her off to us, we fell head over heels in love with her. She is the gentlest, snooziest, loving darling.

The hare, Rupert was my first taxidermy purchase. I brought him home gingerly. He's still my favourite. The wire bunny was a gift by my friend Michael Alesich who is very clever at making animal sculptures out of florist wire. The little drawing is a sketch by Paul Ruiz of me.
The sideboard we found on the side of the road. It's my summer mission to clean it up.

The first thing we reach for when we come home...

The drawing is by one of my favourite painters, Paul Ruiz. I used to life model for him a few times and he gave me this beautiful artwork to look after. I'm very proud to have it on my wall.
The table was a wedding present we bought ourselves. Something to share stories over, stain with wine and spill memories on to. The framed photograph is one of mine.

These two images above are by Sean Fennessy for The Design Files

This painting is one of two J. Hubbard paintings we have. We found them both on an obscure trash heap and couldn't believe our luck. We call this one the 'sad man'. They were painted late 60's and 1970. The little 50's planter I found in Castlemaine and the Golf Ball thingie was a present from friends.

Parrot holds our keys and welcomes us home after a long day

The snow goose is from midwestern america circa 1940. The old lawyers desk was passed down to us by family friends and the only piece of furniture I still have from Switzerland.  I collect the old Gladstone bags for my camera gear and weekend trips. 

Michael found the Ortal Lens case for me in a little op shop in Sydney for $10.-. It’s so heavy and sturdy and now carries my old medium format camera. The leaping fox is an original pen, ink and watercolour painting by T. Grice

The portrait of the man is an old 1860s handpainted tin type photograph.

The silver snoopy money box I've had since I was a baby. It used to hold coins from all around the world.
This is probably my favourite painting in the house and was painted by my Dad. The little quilt on the 50's daybed I found in a dusty yardsale in Castlemaine.

I swooned when I found this old statue of the 3 ladies in a junk store. Not sure who made it or from when it is, but I adore it. I call it the 'windy ladies'. The little tin dinosaur I walked past for an entire year, loving it every day in the shop window until I finally bought it. The beautiful photography print of the bird is by Clare Weeks.

laundry bits and pieces

The abstract horses painting I fell in love with because of the crusty, cakey textured paint. It's like its own landscape. I found it in a vintage store, heavily undervalued to my luck.

The bench was another roadside find

Above image is by Sean Fennessy for The Design Files.
The metal cabinet keeps all my herbs & spices.

Homegrown heirloom tomatoes on fresh sourdough. A favourite snack

bathroom bits and bobs

shark attack!

A good spot to read a book in the sunshine!

p.s. a very gorgeous Spanish girl has posted about it here as well


Kater May said...

You are truely amazing.

Annette Sarah Wilson said...

You are my favourite human! seriously. Ever since that piece you wrote so many years ago.... waaa I love you and your home hahaha.

Jessica Tremp said...

Haha, thank you Annette. I haven't written in so long. Cat must have got my tongue!

Anonymous said...

This is such a treat! My favourites would have to be the lovely leaping fox, and the windy ladies. The first time I stood before them, I was spellbound. Thank you for this little peek into your home, my love. Oh, but of course, Soda is at the very top of my list X

Sarah Allegra said...

Your home is so beautiful and full of precious treasures! I'm sure it makes it feel so welcoming and full of love :) So lovely!

Anna Blumenkranz said...

Thank you for sharing! It's inspiring!

Jessica Tremp said...

Thanks my loves x

Lisa said...

Oh Jess, I so enjoyed reading about all your wonderful home treasures....I've still got goosebumps,

you are a natural home maker, everything about your home, is love.


Jessica Tremp said...

thank you my darling heart x

Michael Alesich said...

I"m extremely proud to have something in this house, and its such an awesome place(from every angle)

b and e said...

I think I am in love. I've found the look. The total inspiration for all my inspiration. The best. I love this. Would love to blog about it!



Kate said...

Beautiful photos...they have provided me with oodles of inspiration.

Unknown said...

Loving your home! Stephen and I (and our two black cats) will be moving into our new home in 2 months time - a slightly bigger small inner Sydney City apartment. We have been pinning a lot of home styling ideas and I can't tell you how much yours inspires us! Thank you x

Hollandaise said...

To look inside your house, truly wonderful. I absolutely adore your paintings and the arrangement of them. But everything is inspiring and creative, individualistic and tasteful. Thank you.