Thursday, November 4, 2010

Into the night sky with Skye

This is my first shoot with performance artist Skye. Sitting on my front porch pew in our long brown coats drinking wine, we waited for my wonderful friend Adrian to join us on a planless evening crusade through the neighbourhood. Armed with a bottle of the aptly named ‘the acrobat’ Shiraz, we watched Skye climb up and around scaffolding and danced our way into the night.


Erin said...

Love the one with you and Soda in it.

Jessica Tremp said...

thanks darlin' she's become quite the handy model lately

violin lessons in Mississauga said...

"..danced our way into the night"

man in fog.. very mysteriously

frameless glass doors said...

amazing contrast between the night sky and the yellow light in the underpass

violin lessons in Mississauga said...

girl looks like so sad on the stairs