Sunday, March 14, 2010

And so it goes.

I’m not sure why I like writing to you on Mondays. Perhaps it’s a clinging to a more-me when I find myself dumbfounded at work in the morning. I salute all you people who have had the courage to quit your day jobs in pursuit of what makes your fire truly burn.
I had one of those weekends, you know where all your plans fall through and you had the wrong dates for things and the cluster of busy-ness that was making you feel tense burst and you’re left with that miraculous little thing called time.
And whilst there was plenty of the good dorky stuff, like getting up late and putting your pyjamas ON

to make cups of tea and creamy scrambled eggs and you go about being what you are away from public where no one sees you mimicking the dog or watching fantasia 2000 with sleep still in your eyes at 1pm.
But there was also productiveness and that feeling of achievement that makes you a little high when it’s your own stuff you’re working on with no pressure from anyone else.
It took a wee while for Michael and me to let lose creatively around each other when we moved in together, both of us being pretty shy about our stuff and how we work. Though with all guards down and closer than I possibly ever imagined I could be with someone I shared a bed with, we’ve become a tight little cluster of creativity. There was cooking, hair cutting,

camera swinging

and singing. And rather than just inviting me in to his world of music where every instrument he picks up spins magic, he’s given me the confidence to join him. Over the last few months and many, oh, many a bottle of wine, we’ve forged a little twosome band, called ‘Hey, Swampy’.

If you can handle my chipmunk voice you can have a little listen here at a few of the demos we’ll be recording sometime this year hopefullydopefully.
I also managed to squeeze in a meet up for another commissioned shoot where for the first time I was honest about my anxiety about working with and for other people and was supported about it rather than brushed off . I bounced home with a flower marking my ‘up-to’ page in my Vonnegut novel and a spring in my step.
Wishing you all a fantastic week!


RoLuc said...

One day the day job will be left behind, like a discarded tractor in a paddock. I hope it rusts away in my memory!

I rarely find that time for the creative these days. Well not as much as I'd like. I think my garden is my best achievement over the past year.

Have a lovely week guys.


Jessica Tremp said...

one day...sigh...
I have a thing for gardens. So yes, absolute achievement I'd say